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Rambo Knife First Blood Part 1

The Rambo Knife has taken a place alongside the Bowie Knife as a symbol of the American Fighting Man's determination to fight until his dying breath.


The Rambo First Blood Knife pictured above is a magnificent field knife, and when we saw it in the movie for the first time, we were all wondering "Where the hell did he get that incredible knife?"

rambo first blood part 1 knife

That First Rambo Knife helped him kick so much serious ass that it really was a co-star of the movie, and every Rambo Knife featured in the following movies was just as badass.


In Part 1, the Rambo Knife helped John Rambo survive in the wilderness of Washington State.


The Rambo 2 Knife showed up when Rambo went back into Vietnam to free hidden prisoners of war.

rambo first blood part 2 knife

With a slightly larger blade, the second Rambo Knife was perfect for slashing through a lot of the trouble he encountered in that tropical jungle.
And again, as in the first movie, the Rambo Knife was so effective that it could actually be considered a co-star.


The Rambo III Knife served in Afghanistan with Rambo after Trautman was captured by the Soviets.

rambo 3 knife

The third Rambo Knife helped Rambo scramble through the badlands and airspace of Afghanistan, rescuing Trautman, and whupping serious Soviet ass in the process.


The Rambo 4 Knife appeared on a mind boggling mission to rescue missionaries in Burma.

rambo 4 knife

The fourth Rambo Knife has a simpler design, and looks very similar to some of the styles of machete you'll find being used in various parts of asia.


The fourth Rambo Knife helped Rambo survive the harsh environment he found himself in, and it also proved to be a deadly combat weapon.


We've briefly described the movies that the Rambo Knife has been featured in;
But just because we're talking about Hollywood, that doesn't mean the knives aren't great.

They were all carefully designed to help a person survive in the harshest environment they might possibly find themself in;

And fortunately, every Rambo Knife has had a visual impact that has helped them succeed in Hollywood.


Whichever Rambo Knife is your favorite, we hope our site will help you find an absolutely fantastic bargain.

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