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Rambo 4 Knife

Rambo 4 Knife

The Rambo 4 Knife is 18 inches long overall, and it has a 12 inch long blade.

The handle is wrapped with leather, and this Rambo Knife comes with a leather sheath.

The Rambo 4 Knife design is very similar to Philippino machetes I've seen.

It's also similar to a popular modification of the U. S. Government's G. I. machete.

A lot of people, me included, like to cut the end off of a G. I. machete blade, at just about the same angle as on the Rambo 4 Knife.

I like the blade length to be 14 inches, but a lot of other people like it at 12 inches.

This blade length will slam through coconuts, bamboo, sugar cane, sword-grass, vines, and other jungle under-brush with ease;

And it's also handy for cutting firewood.

Carefully sanitized, the Rambo 4 would be a hit at barbeques.

This blade style and length will chop through chickens and ribs like nobody's business,

And where I live, you have to be careful who sees these knives, because your mom, or your sisters, or your mother in law, or other relatives, will give you no peace if you don't give them the knife to use at their parties.

Anyways, the Rambo 4 Knife looks like an absolutely hellacious jungle knife to me, and I recommend that you take a close look at one the next time you're in your favorite knife store.

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