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Rambo First Blood Knife

Rambo First Blood Knife

The Rambo First Blood knife is 14 inches long overall, with a 9 inch long stainless blade.

The hollow handle is wrapped with cord, and there's a survival kit in the handle.

This Rambo Knife comes with a leather sheath.

Are you planning to take a Rambo First Blood Knife along on a trip into back country?

Do you enjoy exploring in mountain forests similar to the terrain in the movie?

Do you have a camping site that's already prepared?

Or do you pick a new spot every time you go?

You can use the Rambo First Blood Knife to cut kindling for the fire, and you can use it to help prepare your meals.

You can also use the Rambo First Blood Knife to cut and trim branches to use for shelter and for your bed.

You can use it to clear the brush around your camping area, and you could cut tall grass to use for roof thatch.

The Rambo First Blood Knife is an awesome, versatile field knife.

Take a close look at one the next time you're in your favorite knife shop.

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