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Rambo III Knife

Rambo III Knife

The Rambo III Knife is a huge 18 inches long overall, with a 13 inch long blade.

The handle is laminated hardwood, and this Rambo Knife comes with a leather sheath.

What kind of country do you plan to head into with your Rambo III knife?

Are you going to be hiking into hilly terrain that's cut to pieces by canyons and dry stream beds?

Is there a watering hole deep in the hill country that you like to hike out to just for the challenge of it?

And is this where you plan your first excursion with your Rambo III knife?

Is there usually a slight breeze on and off during the day that makes the heat almost bearable?

Does the silence seem deeper, and does sound seem to travel farther out in canyon country?

Are you planning some changes to your camp site, and do you already know of a variety of chores that you'll be taking care of with your Rambo III Knife?

Wherever it is that you plan to travel with your Rambo III Knife, we hope you have fun all the way out, and all the way back.

Take a close look at the Rambo III Knife the next time you're at your favorite knife shop.

I think you're going to agree; it's definitely an impressive knife.

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